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  • Welcome to the MatterHackers forum!

    We’re glad to have you, and hope that you will find the answers to your questions.

    We encourage discussion about 3D printing and MatterHackers-specific products and services, and we have a few ground rules that we ask you follow.

    1. Make an effort - The more you help yourself the more the staff and our user base will be inclined to help you. You get out when you put in. Please search before posting, and try to be as descriptive as possible.
    2. Ask questions - Do not simply state the problem and assume that other users will be able to determine what you are trying to do. You must ask questions aimed at solving the problem, at least in the initial post.
    3. No whining - The forum is for interactive discussion, not reviews. If you have feedback, it is okay to post it so long as the post also includes questions and comments intended to help solve the problem. Reviews and posts without a clearly defined problem or point will be deleted.
    4. No spam or advertising - It is fine if you are working on a project or have a product and want to start a thread for discussion or feedback. However, we do not allow solicitation of products or services. If you are blatantly trying to sell something or drive traffic to your site, the post will be removed and your account may be suspended or banned.
    5. Use links - If your post refers to another site, page, article, document, forum post, or anything else on the web other than the current thread, use a link to show other users what you're talking about.
    6. Be concise - Post only one new thread about a certain topic; no more. It is acceptable to add to a topic with followup information or questions, but superfluous posts will be deleted or merged with existing relevant posts.
    7. No illegal activity - Do not post requesting assistance with illegal services or products. We didn't think this needed to be said, but unfortunately the name "hackers" seems to invoke the idea of our involvement in such activity to some users. We do not condone hacking for illegal purposes. Any related posts will be deleted and you will be instantly banned for life.

    For further reading on getting your questions answered, this article contains some wonderful information: How To Ask Questions The Smart Way by Eric Steven Raymond et al. *Please note* the writers of this article are not a help desk.

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