Not printing thin walls

  • I'm using a .8mm nozzle and created a model with .8mm wall thickness in some areas. The thin walls run straight vertical from bed. I am printing on RostockMax running 1.5.3 MatterControl and using MatterSlicer

    Part of the thin wall is a cylinder shape, part of it is flat wall shape. The cylinder shaped walls do print, but, the thin flat walls, MatterSlicer doesn't print them at all.

    I will try making the walls thicker, but, I wanted the walls thin so i can more easily cut them off and remove them. I am using them as support. In this particular model, when i let the program generate support, the support is too tough and difficult to remove. I am printing with PETG with single extruder, so support and model would be in PETG. I created thin walls to that they will support a flat overhang higher up in the model. But, matterslicer isn't printing the walls.

  • MatterSlice will not print in areas that are equal to or less than the width of the nozzle. To get around this, set your nozzle diameter slightly smaller. For example, 0.79 mm.

  • thanks, that works better then making the shell 1 mm thick... never had that issue with Slic3r, but, so far i am liking MatterSlicer - the bed leveling works... i was having a nightmare with Repeiter firmware getting it to map the bed. Got a Zprobe, but, could never get it just right. I used the 7 point, then the 13 point on MatterControl, and i can lay down a flat 1st layer all round. My Rostock Max is 2 1/2 years old, and now that i have updated the arms, got an all metal E3D head, and now switched to MatterControl, it is working better then it ever did - like i got a whole brand new printer

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