Extrusion Rate and Cooling By Layer

  • I'd like to see you guys give a control window where you can input a layer number and allow the user to put a fan percent for that layer. I'd like to see you do the same to extrusion too...where you can enter a layer number and then an extrusion rate for that layer.

    It would be helpful if you want a heavy first layer and then lighten up on the second or third layer (to not overextrude on thin parts), then back to 100%.

    If this already exists, I'm stupid and I wouldn't mind some education on how to use it.


  • While you can't specify just any layer to adjust the extrusion rate, first layer extrusion width is already a feature and its purpose is to modify the flow on the first layer only: First Layer Extrusion Width

    Adjusting the layer cooling fan speed is also a feature, and you can specify at which layer to turn the fan on: Disable Fan For The First

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