Need Help Connecting Flashforge Creator Pro to MatterControl Software

  • Hello,

    I just downloaded MatterControl version 1.5. I can't get it to connect to our Flashforge Creator Pro 3D printer. It says connecting but never establishes a connection. Can someone help me figure out to connect our printer to your software?


  • Can you confirm you're using the pre-configured profile for the FlashForge Creator Pro (i.e. you select the Make and Model from the drop down menus during the printer setup process)?

  • I see this is an old post, but I have same problem, and confirm it happens after selecting the correct make and model during the wizard.

    I have:

    • FlashForge Creator Pro Dual
    • The most recent Sailfish firmware provided by FlashForge (via FlashPrint)
    • Antergos (updated last week of May)
    • MatterControl 1.7.0 (just installed today)

    MatterControl is detecting something when it is plugged in, but just can't connect: Auto-detect doesn't work (just keeps saying "Attempting to connect..."). If I do Manual Configuration, it lists one option: /dev/ttyACM0, and if I choose it and press connect, i also just keeps saying "Attempting to connect..." If I do not plug in the printer, it just lists all of the ports (/dev/ttyS*).

  • On Arch based distros make sure you have installed mattercontrol-plugins as well. This has the closed source plugins including the S3G driver for Flashforge printers. Also make sure you have given your user permissions for the serial port. See the wiki article on running on Linux.

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