Print not starting due to temperature above set value

  • Hello all,

    I've gotten MC to connect to my printer (one of the Chinese RepRap Prusa i3 knockoffs), but when I go to print and my bed heats up (set to 90C, but actually gets to 96C due to firmware bug) the print never starts; it sits and still says "waiting for bed to heat to 90C". Is this because it's reading the temperature as above 90C and thinks it hasn't reached 90C yet? Is there anyway to modify the code in MC so that it progresses at 90C or above?



  • The bed heating logic will be changed to work that way in the next version of MatterControl. In the mean time, you could try running PID tuning so that your printer will hold the correct temperature.

  • Think flexible. 3°C won’t kill you. For learning about this root cause, I would set it to 87°C, or 85°C - and monitor what will happen.

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