Linux Mint: MC Crashes/closes on opening every time.

  • Basically what it says on the tin here, I just started working with the program 2 days ago and it worked fine without being hooked to any sort of printer. However, the second I go to use it on my Makerbot Replicator Gen 5 at work, it will open for a hot second, then close. Every single time now. I have no idea what is going on here, I don't even think I can really find diagnostic logs on this.

    Anyone got any ideas? At all?

  • MatterControl doesn't really work with the 5th generation Makerbots. You can export X3G files for them to print from the SD card, but you cannot connect to them directly over USB. The 5th gens use a different communications protocol than most printers, which we don't support (yet).

    Nevertheless, the application should not be crashing under any circumstances. Could you run MatterControl from the terminal and post the output?

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