I need your PETG settings please !

  • Hi everyone ! I was printing with PETG with quite some success for a few days until I ran into a lot of issues. So I began to heavily (very heavily) tweaks my settings until i realise it had nothing to do with it ! Since then I've discovered the extruder stepper driver was faulty.
    Problem now is that I've modified my settings so much that I can't get a print right.
    Could you please share some of your working settings for PETG with mattercontrol ? Thank you !

  • What printer do you have? We might have a materials profile for your specific machine.

    Also, remember you can always reset your settings to default by deleting your printer and adding a new one.

  • It's a (modified chinese) Prusa i3. It would be very nice if you have something close to my printer, but even if you don't, I will still appreciate to learn from your settings.

  • These are our recommended settings for PET. I use them regularly on one of our delta printer, but it should make no difference for your machine.

    • Extruder Temperature = 235 C
    • Bed Temperature = 70 C
    • Slow Down If Layer Print Time Is Below = 25 seconds
    • Maximum Fan Speed = 100%
    • Minimum Fan Speed = 50%

    I also recommend using blue painters tape for the bed surface.

  • I've been very successful with Hatchbox PETG using the following settings on my Wanhao Di3 (with Microswiss metal hotend):

    Extruder: 245°

    Bed: 70° (glass with or without aquanet)

    Internal perimeters: 45mm/s

    External perimeters: 70%

    Retraction: 0.5mm @ 60mm/s

    No fan at all.

    I sometimes feel that I need to level my bed a bit closer with PETG than I do with PLA.

  • @Lordkyleofearth I saw on a thread you've posted on that you printed petg without fan on your wanhao i3. I have the same printer but when i print PETG it won't stick to the heatbed (Glass panel) with adhesives on. Did you get the same problem?

  • I know it's a bit late, but maybe it's never too late to thank you all for the settings you've shared (very informative, especially on the retractation setting).
    So ... thank you again !
    Right now I'm using :

    • Extruder Temperature = 235 C
    • Bed Temperature = 45 C (buildtak)
    • Slow Down If Layer Print Time Is Below = 20 seconds
    • Maximum Fan Speed = 100%
    • Minimum Fan Speed = 50%
    • Retraction: 0.5mm @ 50mm/s

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