Finding Z height to re-code a failed print

  • Hi friends,
    My printer is a Creality Ender 3, using MatterControl printing from a MC generated Gcode file connected to PC.
    I am printing an RC model of the PT17 and in printing a multi part print of top wing (4x Pieces) I had a connection failure. I am able to establish the last printed Z height on the print but I am having trouble finding that point in the Gcode file. I would like to know how to find that point when I seem to have a limited number of Z references but on almost all lines there is an "E" reference which is a large (seemingly irrelevant) number. Does MC have a start code which increments the line number at initialization?
    Can somebody guide me to a way to find the new start point in a edited gcode file?
    Thanks for you interest/help in advance. Kel

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