Rostock Max V3 and Z-offset

  • Hey all, I've happily been printing along with my RM V3 and Matter control for quite a while now, but I have run in to a problem. I have started to use PETG filament and it seems as though I need to adjust the z-offset slightly to prevent it from sticking to the nozzle and gumming up the works. However, the z-offset box is not there on my settings screen!

    I read about using the microstepping feature on the controls screen, but a lot of the time I have to print from an SD card (for various reasons). So what can I do, short of changing my EEPROM Z height differently when I switch to PETG?

    Do I need to switch to Cura or something to gain this functionality? I've even seen the videos online by Matterhackers showing the z-offset box in the settings area, but it is just plain not there on my screen.


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