Unable to connect to Raspberry Pi Networked Printer

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    @unlimitedbacon @Hairyloon @mmoening

    As per the instructions in the post above, I was able to successfully set up the TCP server on my Raspberry Pi, however, MatterControl does not seem to be connecting to it.

    I have selected "Networked Printing" within the Printer > Features menu and I have put the correct IP and port for my Raspberry Pi but when I press Connect nothing happens.

    Within the MatterControl terminal it outputs the following when I click connect:
    Exception:No such file or directory
    Lost connection to printer.
    Lost connection to printer.

    I have also successfully connected to the TCP server on the Raspberry Pi through my computers terminal so the issue is not that the TCP server is not running.

    Any idea what the issue could be?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    Printer: Robo3D R1
    Raspberry Pi: 3 B
    Raspberry Pi OS: Raspbian Stretch
    Computer OS: macOS Sierra 10.12.6
    MatterControl Version: 1.7.1:9407

    Not sure if this could be the issue but I did have to modify a driver file on the Raspberry Pi in order to allow for the 250000 baud rate in the stty command from the linked post.

  • Version 1.7.1 is extremely old now. I'm not surprised that it doesn't work. Unfortunately this is the latest version available for Mac. If you have another computer with Windows you can try 2.0. Otherwise you will have to wait for the 2.0 Mac release.

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