Image converter does not save the file

  • Hi, I've just recently bought the Image converter feature, but when I use it, it does not save the work, it just keep like that, on the left bottom of the screen it says "saving files", but just stay like that for ever and nothing happens


  • Thanks for your purchase! Sorry to hear about the trouble you're having.

    Can you please confirm which build of MatterControl you are running? ('HELP' menu -> 'About MatterControl' (Desktop) or ABOUT (MatterControl Touch) -> all the way at the bottom: 'Build 1.___________' i.e. Build -- the last four numbers are what's important)

  • Hi, sorry I haven't had the time to connect, my build is, problem persist, thanks!!

  • By the way, my printer is a Hesine Reprap 3, I've been using Matter Control since new, almost a year ago, excelent program, I haven't have problems, until now, and just with Inage converter, thanks!!

  • I've just tested Image Converter on the build you're running, and it seems to be working as expected. Thus, the problem is most likely something to do with the image you're trying to convert.

    IC has a hard time with some larger or complex images. Are you able to post the picture on here? Alternatively, you can email the image to and I'll check it out.

  • HI again, now all seems to be fine, I've been able to save some images, I guees you're right, because just some images present the problem, thanks for your concern aniway, I appreciate it, regards!!

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