No Cura or Slic3r options in Slice Engines available

  • I'm having an issue with wierd slicing so I wanted to try the other engines. I have V. 1.4 on this laptop, and the only slicer I see in the dropdown is Matterslice. I see Cura and SLic3r engines in the Mattercontrol folder, but they're not available in program.

    What do?

  • What operating system are you on?

  • Win 7. I see the slicer engines in the MC folder but not in the dropdown. I havent' updated my other computer from 1.2 so it doesn't catch this in case it's a version issue. I see nothing where I can add them manually.

  • There's no reason they shouldn't be there then. Maybe try clearing your app data and reinstalling MC 1.5.

  • I have the exact same problem. Only Matterslice available.
    MC 1.5 on Windows10.

  • The menu seems to be machine dependent.
    If I add another printer (tried with a Xfrog Creator) and choose it the menu will display other slicer engines.

    But I don't have a Xfrog machine but an old BitsFromBytes which isn't a preset when adding new printer.
    So I must choose "Other" brand and "Other" model name.
    With such a printer configuration the only slicer available is Matterslice.

  • Do you guys have dual extruder machines? If you are set up for more than 1 extruder, MatterControl will hide the other slicers. This is because we don't support dual extrusion printing with them yet.

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