Sindoh 3DWOX-2X 3d Printer

  • I have searched high and low on the Internet and there is very little information on this printer which looks like and operates supposedly like a laser printer. You send it a part and it prints. It uses its own proprietary filament BUT also uses generic filament as well. This printer is one I would like to purchase but want an experienced 3D print user to give it a full review. I built a 3D printer 5 years ago and had nothing but issues with it that were not from my building but from the machines inaccurate use of design and inferior materials. It was a kit. I got so frustrated I got rid of it and have been looking for a plug and play printer ever since. I want to send and make parts, not mess with the machine with test print after test print to get a good part. This machine though expensive seems to fit the requirements but No One is reviewing this machine. You guys pride yourselves as being the top in reviewing and on the cutting edge, how about a review on the Sindoh 3d printers, please?

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