How could Chitubox and or Mars firmware cause this.

  • Hey everyone, I had a question for you guys, I use an elegoo printer and I also use a 3D scanner as needed, and I recently ran into a problem when scanning a part for post processing and printing.

    It's almost like the printed part is mirrored from the CAD file/stl output. If you look at the screenshots of the Chitubox, the picture of the part is correct. The part that was actually printed in the other picture has a vertical rectangle with its hole flipped to the left. I know there is a mirror feature in the Chitubox, but I have never used it. I presume this would try to mirror the second part on the platform. This part is a little too wide for the platform, but I doubt that would cause this to happen.

    The part was originally sliced ​​with version 1.9.4, but I have updated to v1.9.5 and the image looks the same. I haven't tried to print it yet, because I want to know if anyone else has encountered something similar.

    Mars firmware is 4.20.3
    The scanner used is

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