Slicing Broken

  • A print that worked fine yesterday, now will not slice correctly. Slicing will complete, but will only slice the first several layers, or even the first layer. Add a raft, reslice, change settings, restart program and computer, restarted Pulse XE, reinstall software, clear cache, nothing seems to fix this issue. I've created new objects, even tried a simple cube from within MatterControl with no luck. I even upgraded to Pro just in an attempt to "repair" the print- no luck. The cube below was a drag/drop from within Matter completes the slicing, shows an accurate print time and volume/filament usage, but will not slice or print past layer one. Any thoughts?

    2_1714008312339_cube 3.PNG 1_1714008312339_cube 2.PNG 0_1714008312337_cube 1.PNG

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