Ultimaker 2 Ext​ended + questions

  • I'm considering buying a 3D printer and my choice is the Ultimaker 2 Extended +. Does anyone have any feedback on this printer? The material I would be printing with is ABS. Again, any issues? I need some advice.

  • It's a great printer with a good UI for beginners. It will certainly print ABS as it's able to reach 260°C, so you can also print PET and some Nylon filaments.

    If you want the extra vertical print height then go for the Extended version; otherwise you can opt for one of the smaller models like the 2+ or the Go.

    Feel free to give us a call during business hours (9-6 Pacific, M-F) at 949-613-5838 if you have more questions.

  • I have that printer. Love it for PLA. Love it for the PLA/PHA blend. ABS? Well, not so much. ABS in all forms hates me and my Ultimaker.

    Is it a requirement for you to print ABS?


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