I'm also new in 3D printing and tried some slicers out to test and compare, also installed MC 1.7.5 on my Linux.
So far the best slicer found on the internet, MC 1.7.5 does a very great job of rafts, very good and smooth surface on the objects, whereby thank you very much great job MatterHackers !!!
I use it for developing aquarium tuning parts, where I need to have a very smooth surface for the water flow, Also discovered that my Creality Ender-5 is missing in the printer list, no matter create one, however do have the Ender-3 in the printer list ...
@Miguipda maybe you can upgrade to MC 1.7.5 ...

@michael-petitclerc some questions related to MC 2.0 it's already 8 months ago and saw a lot of views on this topic ...
I'm very curious about the MC 2.0 with the results I now already accomplished with MC 1.7.5, also I do agree with Miguipda for having a Octoprint connection which would make it complete handy to send strait the gcode to the printer, even a webcam connection would be fantastic, even greater running it strait on the pi would be amazing .

If you like I'm willing to help and do some testing on Linux.

Thanks in advance of MC 2.0 on Linux !!!
Much appreciations !!!

Kind Regards,