The Anycubic Chiron files are here The file is called "Chiron.printer" and was created with MC "Export printer" Feature. It also exports a 2nd printer called "other" that is not listed and IDK why - but not the Pulse I have set. The current filament it exported is HIPS which we print at 255/105 and its set for a .8 nozzle as all our chirons run .8 exclusively - cause its a big printer and we print big things we currently try to keep model weight to < 1kg as above 1kg the bed starts to vibrate a bit too much for my taste. Mike I don't have your email as I have not sent one to support on this computer - you have not heard from me in about 2 years - right? Will try to send one - hope you get it Also should you be interested - there is a prusa slicer config bundle too plus some ipt/stls on stuff we are working on. I might do one for the predator on mega-x too. After I finish upgrading them (they get Volcanoes)