@macks1819 So if its not listed its pretty easy to figure out. ABS has a density of 1.04g/cm3 So 750g are 750/1.04 = 721 cm3 so the cross section of the filament is circular with a diameter of 1.75 that is a radius of .875mm so applying r2*PI - about 2.4 mm3/mm of filament or 0.0024 cm3 per mm 1m = 1000mm so 1m = 2.4 cm3 of filament 721/2.4 = aprox. 300 meters on a 750 g 1.75mm spool or about 400m on a 1kg spool. Now you can do the math for a 2.85mm or for PLA where the density is about 1.27g/cm3 etc. As you are paying by weight you are getting about 25% more prints out of ABS then you get out of PLA.