I got the Prusa Hephestos from Matterhackers around a year ago and enjoy using it but really wanted to upgrade to a heated bed and honestly it was a bit of a pain for calibrating so I added to my printer "family" the new MK2. It took forever to get (7 weeks), even longer to assemble (day and change) and I brilliantly managed to clog it a few prints in. *shakes her fist at the spool of wood filament!!!* but it's been a nice unit otherwise with a moderate learning/experimenting curve. I think if I get bored with my two and want a third to tinker with I would seriously consider the Pulse. It has a lot of appealing upgrade options but my favorite feature is having someone else assemble it! Although it is a fun challenge, assembling from scratch can really be miserable for a newbie as I learned the hard way.