It comes down to production scale and target markets. The MAKEiT Pro printers are made in small quantities relative to other manufacturers so there just aren't as many printers in the wild, and their target market are primarily universities and institutions. Just to give you an example, JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and Cal-Tech were one of their first customers and to our knowledge still maintain a working relationship. If one were to speculate, you might surmise that due to the relatively small quantity of these printers on the market, it wouldn't quite make sense for a major publication like MAKE to commission a write up on these printers for their annual review since their business is to help move printers into consumers' hands during the busy season and the printers are made in small quantities. JPL/Cal-Tech probably aren't interested in offering feedback about the printer and its use cases for online forums; they're busy making history. Just speculation, but it would make sense if true.In any case, I hope that answers your question. If you have other questions or insight please feel free.