@jesusposada said in support material: hout support material the prints are bad but with support material, I can't remove it so it looks worst, how can a put a minimum support material so is easy to remove. It sounds like you may want to adjust the Air Gap in your print to help make the support material break off a bit easier. If you are using MatterControl, the AirGap can be found under Slice Settings> Support> Airgap. 0_1566229213276_AirGap.PNG This effectively tells the printer to leave a small gap between the part itself and the support to help make it easier to remove later on. Additionally, you might consider increasing the X Y Distance. This will increase or decrease ( depending on the value) the spacing between the support lines which might also help the supports pull off a bit easier as well. It is definitely one of those things that will require some trial and error as there is no One-Size-Fits-All kind of setting.