E3d V6 on a MPSM V2 - weird issues, bad thermistor?

  • So a month ago I updated my MPSM V2 with a E3D V6, changed the setting for the thermistor and did a PID tune successfully. Prints seemed nicer and all was well. Spent the last two weeks away from the printer and upon return things are not working correctly.

    I was under extruding and all my prints where spongy and tore apart easily. I fixed the extruder issue and found I think that the hotend was at least 20 degrees colder then the system was reporting. I upped the temperature and prints are solid except the last one which was much taller then the rest.
    Every 10mm along the entire 70mm height it looks like a ZBand but acts more like a narrow raft as the print easily breaks a the bands.

    This is happening on PLA and PETG, though the PLA is worse. Everything is left in a sealed tube with 5 pounds of descant.

    Any ideas where I should start looking? (just order a new heater cartridge and thermistor)

  • sounds maybe a bit crazy
    i have had the same issue but it was the slicer that messed up, so check your diameter settings

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