Layerlock after 3 months not sticking first layer (solved)

  • So I took a brief hiatus from 3d printing and left my printer out. I came back to find the surface feeling a bit dusty so I cleaned it with a Lysol rag. I then proceeded to try and print... but my leveling was off and the extruder sort of etched a ghost of the first layer into it.

    After that I tried to level the bed (5 times) but now each time the first layer just won't stick. No matter what I do the surface still feels kind of fuzzy too.

    Is this an issue that requires a deeper cleaning with 90% isopropyl? Or should I go more extreme and try sanding the top layer with 220grit sandpaper?

    I'm working with pla, the bed temp is 60 and the extruder is 200 degrees.

  • Turns out it was an issue with the nozzle being loose....

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    @blargenth I sand mine often with 40 grit sand paper. Never clean with alcohol, use dawn dish soap and hot water.

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