Pulse 3d printer concern:

  • Hello all,

    I recently came across Pulse 3D Printers and I am considering purchasing one for my home business. However, I have some questions and concerns that I would like to address before making a decision.

    First of all, I am wondering about the reliability of these printers. Have any of you had experience with Pulse 3D Printers and if so, what has been your experience with it? Are there any common issues or problems that I should be aware of?

    Another concern I have is about the cost of replacement parts. If something goes wrong with the printer, will I be able to find replacement parts easily and at a reasonable cost?

    Finally, I am curious about the level of support and customer service provided by Pulse 3D Printers. Are they responsive and helpful when you have a problem or question?

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    @ozzy5 Pulse is a very reliable printer, parts are available at Matterhackers.

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