SD reader on a Pulse XE

  • Just got my pulse and am excited to start using it. I've attempted to print about 6 parts so far with varying results, 2 good, 4 bad. During all of this I need my laptop hooked up to the printer which is a pain. I want to load a file using the SD reader.

    So, I save the code to the SD card, insert the SD card into viki and it says card inserted. But when I click the wheel, the new screen says no SD card. Is there a secret on how to actually print via SD on this printer?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • i believe your SD card has to be formatted in the fat 32 format for the card to be read. check it out or format it in fat 32 and try it out

  • That worked. It was a pain on windows 10 because it won't do it but I found a program that would. Reformatted, popped it in and saw all my files. thanks.

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