Heating bed error

  • Printer: Pulse C-232

    Basically I have this same error popping up on Matter control every time I try to print.

    i turn off the printer and close matter control.

    turn back on the printer and manually set the bed to heat and extruder to prepare to heat on the Printers LCD screen.

    In a few minutes this error pops up

    Error:HEating Failed, System Stopped! Heater_ID: bed

    I can't up load photos here for some reason

  • What temp are you setting it to? Are you using default Matterhackers Pro PLA profile that came with the pulse? I had this issue pop up randomly myself but a reboot of the printer cleared this error. I could not reproduce this issue on a consistent basis since it was random. Hopefully their staff should get back to you soon as they are pretty good about troubleshooting and responding on these forums!

    As far as the image uploading goes, you'll have to upload pics on an image hosting site like imgur and post the link in the rich text editor for it to work as I believe they do not allow image uploading here.

  • MatterHackers

    This is not an error you should be having. Please contact customer support and they should help you get to the bottom of this.

  • Just kind of an update to this:

    I started seeing this error more often when I started cleaning the bed surface with a combination of rubbing alcohol and Costco cleaning wipes, followed by Aquanet (purple can) hairspray for priming the surface, while it was preheating. I'm using a borosilicate bed surface lined with a thermal pad sheet. I heat the bed up to 90C for printing PETG, and it's intermittent. If I can reproduce this on a more consistent basis I'll keep you guys posted. I usually have a workaround of disconnecting the printer from MatterControl and reconnecting, continue to preheat, and so far the error seems to clear.

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