Calibration Between MatterHacker and Robo3D 1+

  • I just bought a Robo3D 1+, very nice, like it very much. With a skirt and hat it prints ABS nicely. PLA(ys) beautiful except for this problem. Where on the surface is it going to print? If I line a job up at 1/1 on MatterControl on the show print surface and save that ... I have some expectation the print job with start there. Not To Happen. it will still start someplace else. I have called and put in tickets with Robo3D and they don’t seem to get the Idea there is anything wrong. It must be my fault they are sure.
    Someone somewhere must have had this problem besides me. Some help please.

    Confused .. !! 0_1526081815698_f5b176d5-047a-4a98-a6c4-7abe807af875-image.png

  • MatterHackers

    That version of MatterControl always tries to cent the part on the bed. If you want to directly control the position of your parts you can turn this feature off, but I would recommend you try the alpha version of 2.0.

    It always prints your parts where you place them on the bed and it has much better control of how and where you place them.

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