Looking for Filament Suggestion

  • I 3D print a part that takes high amounts of impact force so I need a plastic that will flex slightly to absorb the impact force. I found that soft pla works wonders shortly after it's printed, but a couple months down the line it snaps relatively easily. My theory is that the soft pla dried out over time and it lost it's impact strength.

    So I'm looking for a filament that is very similar to soft pla (holds its shape well but will flex slightly under pressure). I'd like it not to lose its durability over time due to drying out if possible. My thoughts are if I use a slightly more flexible plastic, then it will still retain enough flex after it has dried out. Let me know what you guys think.

    NOTE: very soft plastics such as TPE are not going to work.

  • MatterHackers

    @AndyWally Your best solution is Nylon. If your printer cannot print at high temperatures, then an alternate solution would be PETG.

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