Magnet Iron materal issues on Raise3D N2Plus

  • I recently got some Magnetic Iron material that a client asked me to make a print with and I am trying to use it on my raise3D N2Plus with ruby hot ends, unfortunately I am getting issues with the motor clicking and not giving a smooth feed. When I first started the print the support and shells were printing problem free it was just the full that started having issues it would lay down one layer with little issue and then the placing the 2nd layer I would get the clicking. I have tried everything from raising the hot end temp to cutting the flow rate down to 50% and also slowing the print and I can get to a point where it seems good for a little while then it goes back to clicking and not printing. the nozzles are .4 which I know is small for a proto-pasta material. Has anyone else had any luck with a similar combination that could lend me some help? The next thing I am going to try is to increase the layer thickness to give it more space between the bed and hot end, I'll update this if I get any new results.

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