PetG + Glass bed, PETG doesn't stick

  • I put a glass bed on my Pulse since I had major warping issues with my buildtak on the outer edges as I go away from the center. Now it's the opposite and I noticed something... Near the center I'm getting significant temp drops as seen in this video, and I even compare it to another printer.

    Any ideas on how to resolve PETG not sticking ? I'm trying to print in a translucent green color, which is not really available much in PLA (for the translucent characteristic and in this particular shade).
    Thank you!

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    @cestlasara Try blue painters tape on top of the glass bed and use PVA gluestick where needed. You can drop the heated bed temperature to about 50C.

  • Hmm I feel like the more layers I add, the cooler it gets... I'm just curious as to why I would get a sub 35C actual glass bed read when I set it to 70C... I'd understand if it was like 5ish C cooler but a whole entire 35C jump is huge. I'll try to remove the glass bed and do some bare bed temperature reads on the surface. I also forgot to note - I also have the same thermal pad between both of the printers in the video provided. Both glass beds are 3mm thick.

  • Resolved the issue:

    • Increased Bed temp to 90C
    • Turned off fans for the whole print in MatterControl (because this significantly drops the bed temp)
    • With the fans OFF the glass surface in the middle now reads +/- 10F within target instead of -95F (~35C) below target heat bed
    • Kept the glass plate on, no painters tape ( I tried painters tape, it was ok for the first layer but after that I switched back to the glass plate)

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