printing calibration cube fails with each layer offset to different position

  • I am running mattercontrol 1.4 on Ubuntu 16.04. I am using a prusa mendal i3:

    which has a dual extruder, but I set the number of extruder to 1 to disable dual extrusion, and solely use extruder 1. I also turned on the raft feature.

    When I print the calibration cube, each layer is arbitrarily offset in both X and Y directions by about 20mm. So are there anything wrong with the settings on mattercontrol, or is it the firmware problem?

    I did not load any firmware onto the motherboard of the printer. I am just using the motherboard out of the box from the full kit

  • Layer shifting can be caused by a lot of things. Did you have a look at this thread? Could you provide some pictures?

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