Shapes auto group when alignment tool is used.

  • I have noticed that shapes automatically group the moment the alignment tool is used.
    Is this meant to be a feature? Im finding I'm having to ungroup stuff all the time in order to do other things. Any change that the auto grouping can be turned off?
    Blessings Ben

  • MatterHackers

    Leaving objects grouped can be a very powerful part of creating complex objects. If you want to align them and then immediately ungroup them, you can just click the check mark in the properties panel. That will complete the alignment and apply the results.


    • use the align tool as normal
    • click apply, the checkbox, in the properties panel

    I do think there is value in having this be automatic. I just haven't figured out how we should do it yet.

  • I'm not sure if I explained the issue correctly.
    I 100% agree in the power of groups. I use grouping in all sorts of software and love the concept.
    The problem is if I currently use the alignment option in MC it will do the alignment BUT also automatically group it too. It would be good that this automatic grouping didn't happen, as I'm finding I'm having to ungroup more often than not to make further adjustments.
    Can we have MC not automatically group shapes and leave the actual grouping option to the user for when they want to apply a group.
    Haha was that sentence contorted? 😉
    EDIT: MC is forcing an additional step onto the user before they actually want it.
    Version 2.22.04

  • MatterHackers

    You explained it perfectly 🙂

    What I am talking about with the align remaining as active is not about grouping it is about scripting or creating dynamic content. With this feature when the internal items change size or shape the align in re-applied and a complex object can be built.

    Here is a great example. If you were to dig into these objects you would find that there are many aligns inside that are still active so the compound object can be resized.

    And here is an animation of the aligns holding the design together as I change things.
    alt text

    You can see in the tree view there are lots of 'un-applied' aligns in there.

    I do think there is a "power of the and" here where it could do what you expect and still be available for scripting.

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