Parts of cylinder and tube being left behind when being subtracted from an object.

  • Finally remembered this time to take a screenshot and let ya know about this @LarsBrubaker

    In this particular case I was able to verify it was parts of the cylinder because they are floating in empty space. So their was nothing from the model i'm working on to have been left behind there.

    It only seems to happen with subtracting the circular objects such cylinder and tube. It leaves behind little bits of the cylinder or tube being removed. I have tried it in a varying degree of sides/quality.

    Hopefully it is an easy fix. I have been just going back through when i find the little pieces and subtracting them out with a different object, or I do an ungroup to separate them from main model and delete.


  • MatterHackers

    Yes, that is an issue that we need to resolve. Until then, you can make the cylinder slightly larger so that the two faces, the bottom of your part and the bottom of the cylinder, are not touching. If the cylinder reaches outside of your part a little bit, it will subtract much better.

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