Oh WOW !!! & THANK YOU !!!

  • I have just discovered Matter Control and its wonderful.
    Its got all the things that I wished TinkerCad had.
    I especially love the object snapping and placement options. This gets a big thumbs up.

    I have used TC intermittently for a while now and often done a search for "Better than TinkerCAD but this software has never appeared. Im glad I recently found it by accident.

    I also love that the software isnt cloud based and that I can use it anywhere.

    I will do my best to let lots of people know about it. Might even do a few videos on it.

    Anyhow thanks to the wonderful programmers who have done an amazing effort.

    Ha ha we will always want more !!! ....It it were possible to select the edge of two shapes and then assign a numerical distance that they snapped to, that would be even more amazing. 😉

  • @ynnebbenny Welcome to the MatterControl users circle. I love MatterControl.

  • MatterHackers

    Thanks guys. That warms my heart, and makes the hard work worth doing.

    So many exciting things on the horizon, performance improvements, new tools, improvements to existing tools, and a bunch of things I can't talk about yet. 🙂

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