E3D 24V kit built; Lulzbot TAZ 5

  • I just built an E3D 24V hot end. I'm attempting to hot tighten the nozzle. I set the temperature to 285 (or 260), and wait. Somewhere just over 150, my TAZ 5 comes back with:

    "E1 Heating Failed
    Printer Halted
    Please Reset"

    Marlin version 1.1.9 v.34

    So, any recommendations? I didn't have this much trouble the first time I installed an E3D 24V kit onto my TAZ 5.

  • In answer to my own question...

    While attempting to hot tighten, I had the parts laid out and plugged in, but not assembled inside the print head when I got the error.

    In desperation, I assembled the print head on the printer, and then started up printer. Found Home, raised the print head 60mm and over on the X axis until I could fit the wrench (about 150mm or so). I raised the temperature and no error thus far.

    Lesson learned, hot tighten on the TAZ 5 fully assembled.

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