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  • I successfully print the calibration circle on my Robo 3d R1+. When I added my STL file from meshlab I keep getting 0 print time before it print or it prints about 2 seconds and finishes. My STL file was made in Turbocad 2017 and was repaired in Meshlab. When I add it to Matterhacker, I get nothing. Can someone help, please>

  • My bad. After doing quite a bit of net research I concluded that this problem is the result of deceptive advertising by the people who makes Turbocad 2017. The selling point for me was in print that Turbocad Deluxe 2017 would "Read and Write" STL files. The problem arises that the STL file it writes is not a viable or Slicer ready STL file and it could only produce Surface models and not Solid models. I still don't know how to convert my STL file to something that would print. Now, I regrettably have to tackle the expense and long learning curve of a Real 3D creating cad program I only chose Turbocad 2017 because I was using Turbocad 2015 for years involving non 3D printed products. At this point I would recommend to anyone not purchasing a Turbocad product.

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    @merogman Thank you for your feedback and the information provided.

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