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  • Ok new the the forums but have been printing for a while. Kind of need help with a particular file when I load up the file on matter control in 3d view its totally fine but when I go to layer view its missing half of the file and im not really sure what to do and cura slicer does the same thing so im curious if its a setting that i don't know about any help would be greatly appreciated. that is the file in question.

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    Hey @liv04soccer -

    When files are only partiallyally sliced, as you are describing, it usually means that there is an error on the STL. Something like an inverted normal or even a missing node can easily happen when exporting the geometry. If you do not have access to the native design file, you may be able to repair it using Mesh

    I was able to get it working in the newest MatterControl Update version 1.5 (Alpha Update). This newest update has some file repair features within it that may be helping it.

    Let us know if the updated MC helps.

    All the best.

  • The support material is not there the designer added manual support within the file if you check 3d view it is there also it is there in thingiview on the website. When you go layer view it is not there the designer of the model updated it and when i scaled the model up 10% it fixed the problem with his updated file if not i had the original file that had to be scaled up 300% for the support material to be detected by Matter Control. I also ran into a problem like this with the stretchlet from thingiverse the slicer has a hard time picking up layers that are really thin so what he did was made them thicker for me so the slicer could see the support he added because without it the file will not come out right. I can see in ur picture the manual support is not there.

  • Thank you for your reply.

  • MatterHackers

    Yes - now i see, the modeled in supports you are speaking of. MatterSlice has a threshold for wall thickness based on the nozzle diameter. Essentially any walls that are thinner than your nozzle diameter will not be printed. I set the nozzle diameter to 0.1mm and the features appeared - this is similar to your scaling solution mentioned above in that scaling increased the wall thickness above the nozzle diameter threshold.

    Hope this helps. Happy Printing.

  • Yea messaged the creator and he made the lines thicker so I only had to scale up the model by 10% which is no biggie. I got it to slice correctly after he made the lines thicker but I still have another problem when printing the outer ring gets dislodged while printing and messing up the whole print so I was thinking of adding some support to the outer ring to connect to his manual support so it wont dislodge. I have my fan on max but the plastic still curls like crazy so I will try adding some support so the outer ring doenst come off while printing.

    This is the toughest thing i've tried to print and I have printing a lot of stuff this is the first thing giving me trouble.

    Thank you for your help.

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