Installed new linux version, now I can't run MatterControl at all?

  • When I first got MatterControl working on my machine at home, it was on Ubuntu 16.04LTS.
    I installed Ubuntu's version (old) using:

    sudo apt install mattercontrol

    then the program was in the path:


    Given that it was old and crashed on a large model, I followed the instructions in the wiki:

    I installed mono 4.4 following the instructions, and installed the .deb package.

    Looking at what is installed, I can see /usr/lib/mattercontrol. Inside I see libsetserial is executable, and no MatterControl executable at all.
    I do see lots of files with the suffix .exe, which are not executable. Are those windows executables, or are they supposed to be runnable on linux? Why are they not executable?

    I can try to build from source but hoped someone at matterhackers would like to fix the installation, since it seems quite broken. Or am I missing something basic? How is mattercontrol run when installed in this way? I cannot find the executable MatterControl.

  • You just run mattercontrol from the terminal (all lowercase) or find the MatterControl shortcut in your application menu.

    The path of the actual executable file is /usr/bin/mattercontrol. MatterControl is a Mono application, so yes the files with the .exe extension are correct, even on Linux.

    AFAIK, MatterControl has never been packages in Ubuntu's repositories. I don't know how you were ever able to install it through that method.

  • @unlimitedbacon thanks. All I know is I had a working install, and didn't notice /usr/bin, that's odd in itself because I was using locate which found /usr/lib/mattercontrol but not the other.
    It was MatterControl before. Most important, you are right, and I have it back!

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