Changing Filament to different color during print

  • I am trying to print an object with multiple colors with 1 extruder. I have set it to pause at 3 different layers and when I change the filament and press resume it doesn't start at the same position it left off at. I tried entering in the Pause G Code G91, G1 Z10 E-10 F12000, G90 on different lines. Then for resume G91, G1 Z-10, G90. I'm not an expert with the G Code. Anyone have any G Codes I can use in the pause and resume to make this work. Thank you

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    @Randy406 My take is that the resume g-code needs to have a positive extrusion adjustment before printing, e.g. something like the following:
    G1 Z-10 E5.5 F12000
    If this does not work, then open a support ticket at to go into more detail.

  • Forget the g-code. When you want to change colors, wait til the printer is on the inside of the object. Have your new color ready. Release the feeder lock while printing, pull the old filament out, and insert the new color. Relock the feeder and you're in business. The printer won't miss but a small insignificant area. Try it!

  • What firmware are you running on your printer? If Marlin, configure the advanced pause feature and then just use the M600 command. At the specified point, the printer will park the nozzle, retract a set amount of filament, and then wait. When you load the new filament you will be asked to continue and the extruder will purge the nozzle. When ready, resume will reposition the nozzle and it will start right where it left off.

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    I would happen to agree with both Scott and @xeddog on this one. If you are looking for a clean change in color then pausing the printer and loading in some new material with a purge out of the old material is the best way to go. Plus if you are simply releasing the tension arm on the extruder and pulling the material too quickly at high temp you could be coating your cold end with a coating of molten plastic which can build up and cause a jam.

    Each machine and method are a bit different, but some practices have evolved over the last few years.

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