Pulse with FlexPlate upgrade gives "Probing Failed"

  • I recently upgraded to a BuildTak FlexPlate system on my Pulse, and now I get "Probing Failed" from a Z-Calibration or G30 command. Probing will succeed if plate is removed and magnet base is probed. I've tried changing "Home Offset" and "Probe Offset" to no avail. What am I doing wrong?


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    @dlanden Your Z=0 distance has now changed so you need to re-calibrate Z with a paper shim.

  • If I turn off "Use Automatic Z Probe", I can run a manual bed leveling and get a valid z probe offset. But, if I turn the probe back on, I cannnot complete a Z-Calibration or a Bed Leveling using the probe. Terminal will say something like:

    ->echo:busy: processing
    ->echo:busy: processing
    ->echo:busy: processing
    ->echo:busy: processing
    ->echo:busy: processing
    ->echo:busy: processing
    ->Pause Due to Error
    ->Error:Probing Failed
    ->X:102.00 Y:110.00 Z:7.27 E:0.00 Count X:8160 Y:8800 Z:2909
    ->X:102.00 Y:110.00 Z:7.27 E:0.00 Count X:8160 Y:8800 Z:2909

    No chance to use the paper for a Z-Calibration. I see in "probe.cpp" that there are 2 flags that would trigger a "Probing Failed" error (lines 503 and 504)

    const bool probe_fail = probe_down_to_z(z_probe_low_point, fr_mm_s),            // No probe trigger?
               early_fail = (scheck && current_position.z > -offset.z + clearance); // Probe triggered too high?

    It would seem that I am triggering the "early_fail" condition, but it would also seem that if "offset.z" was within "clearance" of the correct value it would not fail. Yet, it still fails after finding the offset with a manual calibration. I'm assuming "offset" is set by a M851 call. Correct?

    I'm still missing something.

  • I found it. Probe Offset in MatterControl is NOT the same as running M851. To elaborate:

    In MatterControl,


    is not the same as



    ->M851 Z-1

    in the terminal and was able to run Z-Calibration and Print Level with probe.

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