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  • I've asked this on FB group and couldn't get an answer. I'm not a novice in 3d printing, I have 7 other printers and made a mistake of buying Pulse XE because Prusa delivery is so and so at the moment.

    I've been trying my best to like this printer and if I can find an angle not to use supports I'll use it but, if I need to use supports, they seem almost welded or fused into the model. I've tried different settings in support section, with or without interface layers, higher airgap, add another print or "cooling post" far away from the object so supports have time to cool off, different types, pattern spacing, and angles. I've even tried the create supports in tools as was suggested. Different shapes converted to supports, nothing seems to work.... And Matterhackers support just sucks. It almost seems like MatterControl is still in its beta phase if not Alpha and they have given up on developing it, I mean, working only with STL's is ancient

    So, does anybody have any support settings they care to share, I print mainly PETG or PLA on this machine since I don't want to waste anymore expensive filaments playing around...

    Going on 2 months and haven't been able to produce anything that I can actually send to a customer for a full price.

  • MatterHackers

    First off, you can use OBJ, AMF, and 3MF in MC, so you aren't limited to STL with MC. Also, not sure why you think it's in Alpha/Beta and not being developed. MC has been around for almost 10 years at this point. You can look at the github. There's a release all the time, and there are very frequent commits MC Git

    We love when users post issues and feature requests.

    I've given you some setting recommendations on FB, but apparently those aren't working for you.

    Can you provide a file that needs supports that you can't print up to your standards? I'd be happy to print it to see what support issues you're having and see if we can get it to where you are expecting.

  • @cope413 Since when is 3mf been available, I uninstalled beta version of MC just last week because I tried importing 3mf and figured it was a hazzle? Tried to see if there was an update, mine says "up to date" build and I cannot open 3mf from fusion360?

  • This is a shroud I'm trying to print. The light blue will be the second try with yet another support setting. As you can see in the darker one, the "interface" layer is still stuck inside the the shroud. The Exterior looks worse in the picture than it actually is. 0_1645121910146_20220217_111605.jpg 0_1645121912349_20220217_111612.jpg 0_1645121914649_20220217_111634.jpg 0_1645121916861_20220217_111650.jpg 0_1645121937521_20220217_111655.jpg

  • MatterHackers

    I'm not sure what you are trying to get out of 3mf or other files types. If you don't have a dual extrusion printer, 3mf is not doing anything for you. If you're just trying to model in support material and save it in the file, then amf will do that for you, and that's already supported in the current release of MC.

    3mf is currently only in experimental - and if you uninstalled the experimental then that's why. You can't get the experimental build from the release build. If you would like the link for the exp build, I can provide that again.

    I'm not sure about F360, as I mainly use Solidworks, but I would expect Fusion to be able to export to 3mf, but importing is a different thing. The geometry is still ultimately a mesh (just with texture, color, and other data), and that means the CAD software has to try to recognize features to pull it in with parametric features intact. SW does OK with meshes that aren't overly complex, but I think in general, importing a mesh into solid-modeling software is not particularly good for anything except to use as a reference.

    Can you provide a dropbox or google drive link with that fan shroud? Also, what was the air gap set to for that print?

    Also, is that part for a kreg jig vacuum attachment?

  • @cope413 I save to 3mf from fusion360 since I do have other printers with dual extruders and I can add surface textures automatically in Ideamaker for example, but never mind that. I've tried different airgaps on different prints ranging from .3 to .9 always the same result. As I said earlier I've tried it with and without interface layers.... I'll send you the link pm

  • MatterHackers

    Thanks for letting us know about this issue. If you disable monotonic infill it will work with the current build. You can also update to the Alpha version. It is fixed there.

    The next release with this fix should be out by the end of next week (hopefully) 🙂

  • MatterHackers

    Yes, it looks like monotonic infill was causing an issue with support. This is your part with monotonic turned off. Printed in PETG, 0.2mm layers, 0.6mm air gap

    Here's a pic with supports removed

    They came off in one piece very easily. I'd probably go to 0.5mm air gap to make the bottom layer a little tighter, but it's pretty clean as-is.

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