Can't Export G-Code

  • I have recently purchased a pulse printer, and it is working great. I have installed the matter control slicer on my work computer, and would like to slice the models and export the G-Code to an SD card. This computer is in a different building than the printer. I don't want it to control the printer, just to slice the models. When I go to export the G-Code I get a message saying:

    "Disabled: Setup Needs to be Run."

    Is it possible to export G-Code without physically connecting to the printer? None of the other slicers I've used have this requirement, so I feel like I must be missing something simple.

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    No you do not have to physically have the printer installed to use MatterControl. I use it everyday in this manner. However, MatterControl needs to know what the parameters are of your printer, just like every other slicer. I think what MatterControl is saying is that you need to setup for your specific printer on the new computer?

  • I have added the printer in the software. After the first step it says "plug in the USB cable." At that point my only option is to cancel the wizard. The printer was created, but it still won't let me export.


  • Support has confirmed that the computer has to connect to the printer on initial setup. (Unlike every other slicer I've used.)

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    I don't plug my printer in ever, it is impossible. I use Mattercontrol every day.

  • If you could provide some instructions, I would be happy to give them a try. In the mean time, I will believe support when they tell me the computer has to be connected to the printer on initial setup.

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    @sperman I will load up Mattercontrol in a VM and backstep what I did. MatterControl is a slicing program, not tied to any particular printer. You can manually input the parameters. I'm not sure who you spoke to, in the future, ask for Taylor.

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    I am normally in Linux, so I booted Windows to try this. I added hardware as "Other" and then sub category to "Other". I cancelled out of the connect printer. Next you have to add the printer tab on the right. Scroll down, you will have to add the bed size, print center and shape. All of these settings must match your printer, but you can get these settings from your other computer. You can adjust the Gcode manually however you want. I have to do this because I run Duet electronics instead of the Azteeg boards. I use gcode programming instead of Marlin.

    After you have that setup, you can export away. 😁

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