BLTouch activation on Pulse XE

  • Using MatterControl and while I have found the BLTouch controls to Deploy, Stow, etc. I have nothing that sets the BLTouch on to trammel the Hot Bed. Is this device only activated by codes?

  • Interesting there have been no responses to my question. I have prior experience on CR10S V2 Pro with BLTouch and found it an accurate way to trammel the bed. I can disarm the process or set it in every models gcode to measure before each print. Usually only use after printer is moved or I get a print that is not quite to par. When I saw the Pulse XE with BLTouch mounted on it I became curious why I was only offered a tramming method using a piece of paper.

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    @cpat I am not sure what the question is. You have to set the nozzle to bed surface with a piece of paper as a shim. Then you calibrate the bed surface with the BLtouch. For me, I probe the bed before every print.

  • @tinken Question is how do I activate the BLTouch. I do not see any means to do so in printer menus or MatterControl. Let me explain I am 82yo guy that has been doing 3D printing successfully on CR10S and AnyCubic Vyper for last year!I was given Pulse XD as gift by our kids to challenge me further in 3D printing. First few prints were very good. Prints now are now showing issues that I would normally start investigation issue by running BLTouch. Here are 3 images of last prints all seem to have issues I have never seen before.

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    Open MatterControl. On the right next to hotend and bed temp you will see three dots, click on that. Choose calibrate printer.
    A new window will appear. Z calibration is your nozzle to bed setting wizard. Print leveling is your bltouch probe calibration.

    You can also choose the controls tab next to Slice Settings. You may have to add this tab. Under the movement drop down, you will see Calibration. You can click in that location as well.

  • @tinken Followed your instructions of yesterday. After running the nozzle to bed surface with paper I was not offered a means to run Print Leveling with the BLTouch. In face it wanted me to run the Paper routine again. If I left click on the magenta rectangle in upper left corner a box appears saying completed.

  • @cpat I am running MatterControl on MacBook Pro 2016 model running macOS Monterey 12.01.1. I do not own a Windows based computer. Could macOS version be the issue?

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    @cpat The controls should be the same from Mac to Windows, but I cannot confirm this as I only have access to Windows and Linux versions.

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