MatterControl crashes when viewing slices in 3D...

  • I have a monster print (72 hours). When I try to view past about halfway up the layers, MatterControl starts leaving gaps in the layers and then crashes.

    Any workarounds?

    I attached the file along with the settings export...just for giggles.

    [1_1522966741430_Part Studio 1 - top vertical piece.stl](Uploading 100%) [0_1522966741429_Ultimaker 2 Extended+~ InnoPet 2.85mm ~ Fast with Brim.printer](Uploading 100%)

  • MatterHackers

    @FolsomMike Send me a message to and I will e-mail you a link to the 64-bit Alpha Version of MatterControl 2.0. In this version, you should be able to see the full Layer View of the model.

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