My first print is 72 hours...and it almost worked...but...

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    My first print was a monster 72 hours, and it was within 10 hours of completion before it quit.

    I am trying to deduce the cause of failure before I print again, and have a question...

    Upon stopping, the printer display said that the print was completed, even though it was not. However, it appears that the SD card may have been accidentally popped out during the print. If that happened, does the printer give an error or does it give the "print finished" message?

    If it was caused by the SD card, then I will feel better about trying again.

    By the way, the print was using InnoPet and was looking beautiful...

  • MatterHackers

    @FolsomMike If you were printing from the SD card, then this was an SD card error. Once the card is ejected, the print will stop and register as completed. To test, start a print and manually eject the SD card and then review the display for a message.

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