Issue with extruder on Raise3D Pro 2

  • Having issue an extruder on our printer, it has never worked correctly. The symptoms seem to point to a problem within the extruder, but am not sure. I can load and unload the extruder without any difficulty, when I start a print the filament extrudes just fine for the first 5 to 10 minutes and then just quits. The printer still thinks it's laying filament down, but it's not.

    When loading the extruder, the filament comes out of the extruder just fine, no issues. I don't see any kind of bubbling or bunching up of material at the extruder when it starts. The temperature is set to 205C. (I have experimented with increasing the temperature to see if it was a calibration issue, same thing happens). I've also tried tightening and loosening the gears within the extruder via the thumb screws. The left extruder works just fine, and am able to print with the same filament the right extruder fails with.

    I can see the gears moving in the right extruder, but for some reason, after a set amount of time, it stops extruding.

    Any ideas that I can try here? Welcome any support, thanks for reading.


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    @durachka When the extruder stops moving filament, are the gears still turning or are they stopped?

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