File Selector dialog Window is Missing

  • File Selector Window is missing.
    A couple months ago after changing printer configurations, my window for selecting files is gone. I have a suspicion that the default coordinates are off the screen. I've been dragging files into the library window, but now I need to add multiple parts into a single print session, and I need the file selection dialog window.

    Any thoughts on what I should reset? I don't want to delete the config directory because I have a lot of parameters tied to my nozzle diameters.

  • MatterHackers

    @brianmichalk If you have an account and signed into MatterControl your information on customized settings should be synced with the Cloud Server and it will not be lost. There are a couple of options for you to get this operational again, e.g. reloading the program. When you have a moment submit a screenshot of your computer with the MatterControl window open and send that to to my attention and we can go from there.

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