Robo R1 not powering on

  • Hiya!

    i've recently acquired one of the original kickstarter Robo R1 machines.

    When I plug it into my computer, the lights on the motherboard turn on, and my computer can read the temperature information from the bed and nozzle. However when I plug it on and power it on the machine is non-responsive, none of the lights or fans turn on, and I can't move anything using software.

    I got on the phone with Robo 3D, who told me to check the fuse in the power supply, and also told me to try this forum.

    So I've pryed the power supply out and opened it up, but the fuse is intact. Here's a photo of what the inside of my power supply looks like:

    any ideas?

  • MatterHackers

    @Valente If the fuse looks good on the power supply then there is not much else that you can do. You will need to replace the entire power supply with a 12V, 30AMP equivalent.

  • I wound up finding a fuse in the power switch that had blown.

    So I'm going to replace that fuse and then hopefully the printer should work

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