Any advice on this print?

  • For some reason this print builds up material in this one spot. I’m confused why? Is it too hot and building material? If so why would it only be on this one spot? Also any tips on brims? The one tangent spot is the brim and it seems as if the brim gets cooked on hotter or harder it’s fairly different than the rest of the build.

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    My thoughts are that the settings are not completely correct and that the filament looks wet. I assume that you are printing with PLA. I need to know the hot end temperature, the bed temperature, the type of surface to which you are printing, adhesives, cooling fans enabled/disabled and slicer being used. If you want to discuss specifics, please drop me a note at In general

  • the filament is enclosed in a cartridge so i'm not betting on that root cause. I would also think that I would see the deformation and surface scarring throughout the print which isn't true either. This surface directly interfaces with the support feature. I'm wondering if my support settings are erroneous. The material is xyz printing ABS and my printer is xyz da vinci pro. I'll send over the full specs to your email when I get home. I'm prepping my gcode with cura fyi.

  • but in general i'm VERY happy with all other surface finish and consistency with the layers except for the surface that interfaces with the support...I don't get's just such a hassle separating the model from the support sections. i'm finding the issue is compounded when I switched over to nylon.

  • MatterHackers

    @Boovya Send over the settings and I will review.

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